The Deed is Done

Oct 10 – The Deed is Done – Just a short post today to let everyone know that there is now another Mr, and Mrs. Moorehead. The Borg assimilates another member. Congrats to Jackie and Andrew on a wonderful day yesterday. And welcome all of the Salibas to our now even more extended family.

Thanks also to whoever was using my camera to get some pics as I was not allowed! I will post some of them separately. Clearly they did not have my superior photography skills – but they tried! I know Paparazzi Payne took a whack of pics so I will get more from her but these are just a quick hit.

As I did not say yesterday, Jane and I are now 2 and 0 with none to go. Both boys are now officially “gonzo” and we now have to figure out what to do to occupy our time. The 2 – 0 is a much better record than the Blue Jays, but then just look at the difference in coaching and managerial skills that were applied.

Since I actually did make some notes for the Father (and Mother – although Jane would not come up) of the Groom speech, I will sort of repeat them here as not everyone could be there and I really meant what I said about the value of family and friends – I know Mom and Dad would have had similar thoughts had they been able to attend. The words are clearly not exact, but the message is there. Besides, poor Andrew got “roasted” enough by the rest of the gang. I had to play the “Good Dad” card.


Good evening everyone and welcome.

The last time I faced a group like this, I was promoting the values of a new Loyalty program and had a great PowerPoint presentation to back me up. I am flying solo here but the message to Andrew and Jackie today is you now have your own new loyalty program to work on.

Thanks to all for coming – it is great to see everyone

I think the winery was the draw – it certainly wasn’t us.

Unfortunately my Mom and Dad could not be with us tonight so I will take Dad’s place.
If he was here, he would say: (Wait for response from the Moorehead Audience!! )

“We are truly blessed – With our families, our children and our friends”. . . and indeed we are.

I have to be careful saying that as I tend to look up and wait for the lightning bolt to come down and nail me.

Jackie – Andrew as you continue your lives together, we would ask you to always think about these words and remember

In the game of life, the value of family and true friends trumps all

The older you get the more you will realize that, and some of us here tonight have done a lot more realizing than others.

You guys have a ways to go.

My grandfather who you never knew was a wonderful old Irishman.
Wee Billy taught me many things – Including how to cheat at cards and the taste of good Irish Whiskey!

So on that note let me pass along an Old Irish Blessing for you that he would like and probably knew

May love and laughter light your days,
and warm your hearts and home.
May good and faithful friends be yours,
wherever you may roam.
May peace and plenty bless your world
with joy that long endures.
May all life’s passing seasons
bring the best to you and yours!

On behalf of my Mom and Dad, Jane and I and all of our collected and extended families and friends

Welcome to the Moorehead (and Powell) families – it is a blessing to have you

And with that, may I propose a Toast – To Families and Friends – may they be always be appreciated for their true value.

The End

Now with that I need to sign off and go pick my NFL pool teams. Since I “forgot” on Thursday I am already 0 for 1 and would prefer not to pick up an 0 for 15 or however manay games there are this week.

For the Canucks – Enjoy Thanksgiving – the last long weekend before Xmas and

For my Yankee relatives and friends – too bad – you need to wait until November!

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Oct 10 – WD – 0 – Houston we are good to go!

Oct 10 – WD – 0 – Houston we are good to go! Apparently all system check out and we are at T Minus three hours and counting.


Getting ready to head down to St. Catherines / Hernder Estates winery for the social event of the season – recognizing it is a very short season and this is likely my only social event.

Brought the two GK Wedding party participants home after rehearsal last night – later than I expected – both Ben and Lily were good but they were bagged. Interesting to see how they will make out today.

Already I am under pressure:

  • The Camera Cufflinks got nixed
  • As did my wild and crazy tie – neither the Panda bears nor Spiderman passed muster.
  • Had to go with the plain gold and subdued stripe.

Where is folks’ sense of adventure and fun. Imagine looking at these pictures 44 years from now and wondering who is the lunatic in the cartoon tie?

I say 44 years for the pictures above as congrats are due to Brother Jerry (he’s my brother not a Jesuit) and Bev as they celebrated their 44th wedding anniversary yesterday. Holding a slight edge on Jane and I by just two months and two days. As #2 we have tried hard to close that gap but nothing seems to be working. Apparently it’s a calendar thing.

Spent this AM appealing to the weather gods for a nice dry and warm afternoon. These outdoor weddings in October are definitely a crap shoot but “touch wood” I think we will be OK.

NHL – While this is going to be an abbreviated post (for obvious reasons) I would be remiss in not pointing out that my Wings laid a Whackin’ on the hapless Buds last night. 4 – 0. The Leafs are living up to their pre-season billing and have maintained their track to a perfect season now doubling their streak to 0 – 2 – similar to the almost defunct local blue birds. Ornithologists everyone are raising concerns that what was a very popular bird in Toronto and Canada overall, is about to become extinct. Apparently the Jays are the victims of an MLB conspiracy to get to Texas teams to advance.  It seems the fact that they are not really playing well on either side of the bat doesn’t count.

A final buds comment for consideration – Last night Bernier let in the first shot again. He also is maintaining a perfect record at 2 for 2 as the same thing happened in their season opener against the Habs. How to deflate a team that has only scored one goal in two games and guess what – my Wings are not a powerhouse!

NFL – No I have not done my pool pick thing yet. I am still PO’d about Thursday. Maybe I will remember tomorrow morning and maybe not – Don’t think it matters.

It’s Time – I suppose I should start thinking about my “formal” comments for the wedding. Or, maybe I will just “wing it”. No one will know the difference anyway if we ply them with wine ahead of time.

Feel free to text me any suggestions but not to worry I can amuse anyone for my allotted three minutes.

Off we go.

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OCT 9 – WD-1 Sleep – The Penultimate Day

OCT 9 – WD-1 Sleep – The Penultimate Day.

WD - 1

Based on the status of Chez Moorehead Activities, it looks like we are getting all of the “bad luck” out of the way early. Because I have the day off, I got a chance for an early start on my blog update. So let’s see – how are things going?

  • The Blue Jays and their Ace got whacked last night in game 1 with a couple of potential key player injuries thrown in – not good. It is up to “The Kid” to save the season today.
  • Last night was Thursday night football and yours truly forgot to put in his pool pick (which was a gimme by the way) and so lost it and the 16 points associated with it since it was the top of the list and unless re-assigned in weighted with 16. This is the second time this has happened so I might as well kiss my behind goodbye in the pool as if I was not already far enough behind.
  • Then I get up early(ish) this morning and make coffee (excellent I might add) open my brand new cream that is “good until November 11”, pour it in and watch it curdle! Had to use 1% stuff in my second cup attempt which is just not the same.
  • Then get the panic call from Master Baker indicating that she did not buy enough pecans to make all the pecan pies that are on the schedule – so Mr. Wonderful jumps onto the Gold Rush”, heads off to Sobey’s, picks up the over-priced pecan halves since they don’t sell bulk and the small packs are a rip-off. Take the opportunity to ream them on the Table Cream experience (and get a free one) and return home to rescue Master Mistress Baker. BTW – As it was an emergency I used the “High Power” option on gold Rush and according to my speedometer clocked 62 kph on the Ford Drive downslope – Yikes.
  • Thinking things are at least temporarily under control, I then retire to my Man Cave / Office to fire up the old computer so I can continue to Clean / Tune it up only to find it has “lost” it’s wireless connection and is still running as slow as molasses in December. I go to reboot and find out Windows has downloaded a bunch of additional updates to install that seems to be taking forever. . .
  • Next, I go to prep this post and realize I had created my WD- X Sleeps on my office notebook and did not have them on my personal machine so I had to do a quick recreate on that for WD – 1!
  • Just to top it off, I go to pull up the prep notes for my big speech tomorrow and realize I can’t since I haven’t done it yet!

AND – it’s only 10:00 AM. Suggestion – Stay away from me today!

This will be it for today since despite how well things are going so far we need to load up the vehicle and transport the “goodies” to Hernder Estate Wineries to prep for the big day tomorrow.

  • Gum Drop cookies – dozens and dozens (not for me)
  • Brownies – indeterminate quantity
  • Nanaimo Bars – lots
  • Lemon squares – lots (again not for me)
  • Shortbread Cookies – dozens – But never enough – Mine
  • Pecan Pies – limited quantity – Mine

The scary part is once we get to the winery, they are going to give me a sharp knife and tell me to cut stuff – do they really understand what they are doing?

Meanwhile the Jays are basically do or die today so as a favour to all the Jays fans out there, real or opportunistic, I won’t watch.

See a bunch of you tomorrow – make sure you “clean up good” for the big day!

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WD – 2 Sleeps – The sands are running through the hourglass

Oct 8 – WD – 2 Sleeps – The sands are running through the hourglass and the “to-dos” are coming due. Another “bake day” at Chez Moorehead for brownies and yes – shortbread cookies! Who says whining doesn’t work?


Friday is pecan pie bake day and it turns out we do not have enough pecan pie plates. How can that be? We have a stack of roughly 30 pie plates so I have no idea how we can not have enough but apparently we only have two certified pecan pie plates so we need two more.

That means we are off to do some Canadian Tire shopping tonight to expand our already generous supply of plates.

The pie plate excursion also provides an excuse to see if we can add some “platters” to the collection. Now that the dessert menu has expanded (my fault) we apparently need more platters to put them on. We have a supply (of course) of very attractive Christmas platters that I think would be just fine (I mean who is going to be looking at the friggin plate when they are grabbing goodies to stuff their face) but apparently they just won’t do.

Separate note to self – Check shoes and tie tonight.

Blue Jay fever – is apparently a contagious and serious disease. Mind you I am not complaining as it has turned into a holiday Friday for me but it is fun seeing all the instant “fans” professing their love and support for the Jays when a) they have no clue about the team and b) their knowledge of the game is limited to knowing there is a ball and a bat involved (so does cricket)?

While I am cheering for the Jays (my tigers are out and the Jays are the local squad), it will be interesting to watch the ups and downs of Jaymania as “hopefully” the series progress.

NHL is a go – The traditional Original 6 rivals teed it up in Toronto last night to kick off the 2015/16 season. Not surprisingly the Habs emerged victorious with a 3 – 1 empty net goal which has the Buds Birds chirping about how the Leafs hung in there with a quality start. Another 81 quality starts will net them 0 points. Shot 1 – Goal 1 – and a soft goal at that, which does not bode well as it seems a habit for Bernier to cough up at least one of these a game on a regular basis. If your offense is anemic (1 goal) and you are giving up soft goals, it makes for a very long season. If this scenario plays out on a regular basis, it will be interesting to watch both Management and the Media’s spin on it. The Boo Bird fans were already tuning up last night.

The good news is that there is a regular cornucopia of sports out there right now. MLB play-offs, NFL mid-season. NHL gearing up and NBA not far off – no shortage of choices on what to watch. Let alone the fun of heading off to the local rinks to watch the “fun” games.

The Martian – So – the Martian (movie) based on the book by Andy Weir, is getting good reviews and doing well at the box office. I recently finished reading the book which was a pretty decent read and therefore had an interest in seeing the movie. BUT. I then remembered my last book – movie combo opportunity “Unbroken” where I thought the book was great but then thought the movie was a huge disappointment when I watched it. Both of these are basically single character focus “Hero” stories. The Martian may be a better bet to satisfy my interest as it will be interesting to see how they present a lot of the technology/environment issues for a Mars landscape? Will it be a big CGI show? I have not talked to anyone who saw it yet so I don’t know.

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WD – 3 Sleeps – The Pressure Mounts

Oct 7 – WD – 3 Sleeps – The Pressure Mounts – Except, things are very quiet at Chez Moorehead on the wedding front today. In effect – nothing seems to be happening today (at least nothing that I know about or that concerns me). Ignorance is such bliss! I am sure there is some activity somewhere.


Oh yeah – the speech. Have to start thinking about that soon. What am I supposed to say. Anything important or is this just three minutes of stand-up?

Great Email – Got a great email yesterday. Canadian Tire Corporate has decided to give all Home Office employees Friday off in order to allow them to support the Blue Jays. This is in keeping with CTC’s emphasis in supporting sports in general and active participation with programs like the Active at School and – as the slogan says, We all Play for Canada.
Support and share the Jays enthusiasm on social media with @CanadianTire, @MarksCanada and @SportChek with #weallplay, #readyforthis, #sweatforthis and #cometogether as hashtags. Unless they dial up on their game faces, this could be a relatively short euphoria opportunity.

As it happens, I was planning on taking Friday off anyway but this was a nice plus – saves me a vacation day – like I was at risk of running out.

When you think about it, Friday promised to be somewhat of a challenging productivity day for folks anyway as 1) it was the lead in day to the Thanksgiving long weekend, 2) the morning would include the “water cooler” rehash of whatever happens in Thursday’s afternoon/evening game and 3) the noon start for game two would divert a lot of attention and focus for the rest of the day.

Regardless – Great call!

It’s Alive?? – (a long and boring eReader story – so skip it if you want) Probably at least three or four years ago, the now defunct Future Shop had a huge sale on Kobo Touch eReaders. I had just trashed my first eReader (a Kobo Touch) and had replaced it with a Sony. Turns out I liked the Sony better, but the Kobo was “such a deal” that I bought one in case of another meltdown.

Then, as fate would have it, (through no fault of my own of course),about two years ago, I left my Sony in London. No problem, I figured I would simply fire up the Kobo and use it until I got my Sony back.


The Kobo would initiate and then freeze. I tried a number of full resets. It would initialize and then freeze again. It would get to different places in the cycle before cacking, so there was no consistency and hence no way to really figure out what was wrong. Future Shop was still around but when I took it in they would not do anything. So I figured it was “trash” but I took it home, tossed it on a shelf and forgot about it. I think I thought I might get around to hassling Kobo directly but I never did.

Then, this past weekend I started on one of my office cleanup- either early for fall or late for spring and came across the Kobo. I decided to give it one last shot and if no joy – toss it. When I plugged it in, it wanted to speak to my computer, so I had to download the now new and improved Kobo Desktop software for my notebook. Once that was fired up it downloaded and installed a new version of eReader software to the Kobo Touch and guess what – it worked. I am still suspicious of it but decided to give it a try.

Problem – I use 64 bit Calibre as my library program which only supports one external reader at a time. I did not want to screw up my Sony library information so I fired up my old desktop (which took forever). Since it had not been used in quite a while it wanted to, and automatically started, downloading and installing a bunch of OS and Virus and program updates that slowed it to a dead crawl. However, I finally got a clean install for the new Kobo desktop. Got that to recognize and accept the Kobo. Got an updated version of Calibre installed (version 2.40 from 2.09 on the old beast) and got that to recognize the new Kobo. I was then finally able to load some of the downloaded eBooks that I have stashed in my overall Epub library. By then I had had enough, the Kobo recognized the new books in its TOC and was still working so I shut ‘er all down and called it a day. Let’s see what happens when I try to fire it up again. Cross those fingers and toes. Anyone want to buy a sort of new Kobo Touch?

Did I just waste a whack of time or now do I really have a back-up eReader? Stay tuned for the results.

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WD – 4 Sleeps

Oct 6 – WD – 4 Sleeps – I’ll try a jpg image today instead of a png and see if that translates better from WordPress to Facebook – if nothing else, it is much smaller.


It seems my complaint about gumdrop cookies may have paid off. There is a rumour afoot that they may be supplemented by some shortbread cookies as well. Huge improvement. Who says it does not pay to complain. Now time to start the Chocolate Chip lobby (don’t hold out a lot of hope on that one).

Preparations continue. My suits have been rescued from the dry cleaners so the blue jeans casual look is a no-go! Now I just have to accessorize. Is it White or Blue? The home front is suggesting Blue is Better – Apparently there is some type of wrinkles – ironing issue with my spiffy new white one? Time will tell – let it be a surprise.

Andrew blew through last night. Apparently stores don’t sell photo paper anymore, he had to come and raid my supply. I was meaning to get those locks changed.

Oh yeah – the speech. Have to start thinking about that soon. What am I supposed to say. Anything important or is this just three minutes of stand-up?

NFL Pool – Shoot me know. I was looking for a big recovery in Week 4 but it did not happen. Should not have changed my mind and went with the Steelers (Heart over Head) and I should know better than to count on Buffalo for Anything. The boys visiting Pittsburgh jinxed that one (Overtime!!) and Buffalo is just Buffalo. Definitely out of contention so I may just let this slide. A good reminder to pay attention if you want to have any hope of doing well. Consider my entry as a donation to the hockey team.

Blue Jays and MLB – Fans north of the border get shafted. Who would have even thought about game times when putting in for play-off tickets? Answer – No One. Now Jays fans with tickets need to plan to get away early Thursday for a 3:30 – 4:00 PM game (stupid time) and basically take Friday off for a noon start (Stupid #2) Why? Just so the games involving two US teams can get the preferred start times – i.e., Thursday evening and early evening Friday. Funny how the “better times” seem to be back in vogue for the planned Texas games. A BIG Thumbs Down to MLB on this one but I doubt if it concerns them at all.

As has been suggested, Canadian business productivity will take a big hit Thursday and Friday as corporate internets will be slowed to a crawl by bandwidth pressure and there will be a sea of ear buds / phones sprouting all over. Wonder how many will pretend they are hearing aids?

Listening to the media talking heads and “fans” being interviewed, people are not happy. But, guess what – They don’t have a choice.

NHL – Starts Wednesday (tomorrow). Standard comment – I can’t believe it is that time already! Get ready for your No Name Leafs – just how bad will they be? Read through their initial roster and there is a lot of “Huh – who’s he” – supposed veterans. The fun will likely be waiting for answers to questions. When will the love affair with the Brain Trust fade out? When will Babcock lose it? When will we find out Lou’s real job? Enquiring minds want to know – not really but it fills some space. The good news for Leaf fans is that I am not sure my Wings are going to be much better. This might be the year the playoff streak – stops!

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WD minus 5 sleeps

Oct 5 – WD minus 5 sleeps. Hard to believe the wedding is this Saturday as it seems like just a while ago the date was picked and it was months and months away.


Andrew dropped in for a few minutes last night looking somewhat worse for wear from his Pittsburgh bachelor party trip. What is the world coming to with these major weekend road trip / events (Steeler and Pirates games) as the “norm”. Back in the day, a bunch of yahoos got together in some seedy roadhouse type bar to often drink their faces off, tell very bad jokes, gamble, give away glass turkeys and occasionally bring in some “entertainment”. The occasional fisticuffs would break out from real or imagined slights, past or present and it was the “Best Man’s” responsibility to try to more or less “protect” the groom and keep some semblance of control and Johnny Law away from the door.You know the line – what goes on the road – stays on the road and remember – this is just what I have heard as clearly I would never have been involved in such activities. And these were actually “fund raisers” for the happy couple. Times they are a changin’.

I have not been totally lax in my preparations – I did buy a new shirt – actually two and now I need to figure out which to wear – white or blue? Which cuff links – go formal with the gold, trendy with the silver or have some fun with the “camera” cuff links. Suits are at the cleaners so I hope they don’t lose them or it will be a casual affair – at least for me. Since the father of the groom is basically just a hanger-on that should not be a big deal anyway.

Apparently, I do have a speech to make but I have been limited to three minutes. I can’t even introduce myself in three minutes, let alone go through my whole PowerPoint deck so I guess I will have to revisit those plans. Have to check the etiquette on what I am supposed to say so at least I know what rules I am breaking.

Jane has entered baking mode for the “desserts” so I am steering clear of the kitchen these days. Since the cookie selection is the Oatmeal Gumdrops that I don’t like that is not undu hardship/ I don’t know what’s wrong with chocolate chip or shortbread or ginger snaps but apparently I don’t get a vote. So everyone else – enjoy – you can have mine. The Nanaimo bars and lemon squares have been secured so I think there are just the brownies and pecan pies to go – but then again, what do I know?

We are down at the vineyard Friday as part of the rehearsal schedule as we need to bring Ben and Lily home after “practice”. Looks like the plan is to deliver the dessert items at the same time.

Man Down – One wedding casualty so far. Shaun cut his hand taking his skates off Sunday as he and I took Big Ben out for some quality ice time. As a member of the wedding party, I think he has already received instructions for the “hand in pocket” approach to pictures to keep the unsightly bandages out of the historical archives. Next!

Blue Jays – give the team a big thumbs up for doing the right “personal” thing and giving Buehrle go for 200 innings. Unfortunately, he should sue his teammates for non support as he would have been out of the first with no damage if it had not been for the errors behind him. Instead it turned into a 9 run gong show and a bit of an embarrassment for the team. Ssince KC won it really did not matter as the Jays had basically given away that chance in Baltimore after they clinched. Hopefully they can get their headsw screwed back on straight versus their recent play or the playoffs could quickly become a distant memory.

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