A nice article in the Beaver today

Took a while for the recognition but nice to see. A good friend gone.

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Oakville’s Mike Zardo remembered — 1949-2016

Mike Zardo


As folks prepare for the 2016/17 hockey season, it is important to note that Oakville lost an icon this summer with the passing of Mike Zardo in June.

In 1974, when Mike’s son Rod played his first year of hockey in Oakville, there was a shortage of coaches in the organization and after complaining to his wife Debbie that they needed more help, she told him to do something about it or stop complaining. These words came back to haunt Debbie as Mike dedicated much of his life to the Minor Oaks Hockey Association (MOHA).

For more than 20 years, Mike was the face of minor hockey in our community, serving as the president of the MOHA. Mike always took pride in championing what was the right decision for minor hockey participants, not necessarily what would be the easiest or most popular choice.

Many times this was a difficult process, but Mike always stood by his convictions, despite whatever criticisms were directed as him. The kids always came first.

As a volunteer, Mike’s commitment knew no bounds. On almost any evening, he could be found in the ‘hockey office,’ ready to lend a hand. Parents would show up expecting him to be there and he was.

Mike served the local association as president from 1986 until his ‘retirement’ in 2008, except for a brief hiatus in 1993 when he still served as vice president, Town rep, discipline chair and equipment manager.

Mike returned from his brief sabbatical as president to rescue an organization that had fallen on hard times. There were major bills to be paid, debts and significant organizational challenges.

Mike spearheaded the ‘turn-around’ efforts that brought the MOHA onto a solid financial footing. His roll-up-your-sleeves attitude and find it/fix it approach motivated his team and revitalized the organization.

Thanks to Mike’s tireless efforts, MOHA now operates on a sound financial basis, has built a responsible surplus and has established comprehensive financial and operating controls.

Mike established the MOHA as a role model organization within the Ontario Minor Hockey Association (OMHA) with annual audited statements, mandated team budgets and regularly-reviewed bylaws.

Prior to assuming his presidential role, Mike contributed to the organization for a number of years, dating back to 1974, as a coach and convenor at a number of levels.

As president, Mike shepherded Minor Oaks growth from fewer than 1,500 participants to close to 4,000 in 2008.

Mike was a strong advocate of hometown hockey and local player development. He was a key driver in promoting the Mitron High Performance Hockey System for Oakville. Mike saw the need for a consistent tool for Town Rep coaches to develop players throughout the age groups and ability levels, and to help the coaches worth together to achieve these results.

House League development was also a key focus for Mike with his roots in coaching and convening. Mike recognized the importance of giving kids a great start and was a key supporters of MOHA’s revamped Initiation Program. The focus on coach and player development, created a House League program where teams are often deemed “too competitive” for other centres’ House or local league events.

A key indication of Mike’s contributions to minor hockey was the recognition of his peers. As a long-term member of the SCTA and TriCounty organizations, Mike was an acknowledged resource on issues and concerns and in sessions, it was often “what Oakville thinks” that carried the day.

The OMHA recognized Mike’s hockey contributions over the years. He was appointed as the original 905-area representative in the groundwork leading to the formation of the Lake Ontario Region.

His contributions were further recognized in 2008 when he was awarded the prestigious OMHA Honour Award. This award was established to honour a person who has made an outstanding voluntary contribution to minor hockey for a considerable period of time. Mike was the only local recipient of the award that was established in 1948.

In addition to his MOHA duties, Mike also took an active role in supporting youths in the community. As a coach, he was approached by the Syl Apps Youth Centre to take on two of its charges as players to provide them a recreational outlet and support their rehabilitation.

He established the President’s Fund to support players with financial difficulties and worked with the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization.

While president, Mike also found the time to lend support to the local high school hockey program by serving as head coach for the former Perdue hockey team.

Mike also contributed to the Town’s Parks and Recreation Master Plan, was an ongoing participant as ice allocation planning, a key proponent of the Youth-First policy and was a member of the River Oaks Recreation Centre expansion building committee.

Mike stepped away from hockey in 2008 to spend time with his family.

He was a devoted Papa to his grandchildren, Nicholas and Chloe, whom he adored.

He never lost his interest in the game.

He is sadly missed by his much-loved wife Debbie and son Road, and all who knew him.

— submitted by Debbie Zardo

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Back but boring.

July 21 – Boring but I have to get back at it. I think this is week 3 of my “I don’t work Fridays” program. At least for the summer. You would think that would give me lots of time for such things as posting, but looking at my recent record, such does not appear to be the case.


Since the last go around, there has been lots of activity, not the least of which was Jane’s birthday (July 8), Mom’s birthday (July 12), other birthday – July being a popular month, a weekend visit with two of the GKs to break in my spiffy new inflatable pool and water pistols, logging lots of klicks on the “Golden Jet”, forgetting to watch the final round of “The Open” which was apparently a good thing as I was cheering for “Lefty”. Cleaning the garage, cleaning (sort of) the workshop, and just general stuff that makes the time disappear.And, let’s not forget being dragged out as Mr fetch and Carry for the grocery and assorted purchase trips.

TV Shows – I also got into watching Major Crimes so I binge watched the first four seasons and the first five episodes of the current Season 5. Now I’m at a standstill on that as I literally can’t stand to do the one episode a week with commercials – commercial TV watching. Will have to find another show to binge on now to entertain myself.

Game of Thrones – really liked the last couple of episodes from Season 6.  This sets up Season 7 which apparently is being pushed back until next July as filming has been delayed. Why? Because like the show where “Winter has come”, they are waiting for more “wintery” conditions to support production values for the new episodes. They have also apparently cut the season back from 10 to 7 episodes but maybe that simply means they will make the episodes longer for the same total running time. As the upcoming season is apparently the “penultimate” it is sad to see this show is going to be winding down.  Does Jon come out on top? The Dragon Lady? I might just start rewatching the whole series from the beginning and see what nuances I can pick up that I missed on the first go around.

Pokémon GO – Please do GO – You must be nuts. The clowns in Toronto that filmed “the hunt” including a stroll on live TTC subway tracks just demonstrates how crazy people really are and how people get hooked into these “trendy” fad things. As if it wasn’t bad enough with the smartphone talkers and testers heads down roaming the sidewalks and GO stations seemingly oblivious to the real world around them, now you can add the Pokémon hunters to the mix.

Fair Warning – I am walking along my path. If you don’t watch where you are going, don’t expect me to do it for you. I will run you down or run you over and at 6’ 4” and considerable heft, I think you will lose.

Separately I am just waiting (unfortunately) for the first wrongful death liability cases to crop up – as they will. While it may simply be another case of Darwinism, I suspect most people won’t look at it that way.

Trump – well the GOP debacle continues as expected. Cruz in most eyes has committed political suicide. Donald and family / company are not the anointed elephant riders and it only remains to be seen how the Donkey brigade aligns their forces.  With just over 3 months until a new leader of the free world is chosen, I think reality is starting to set in on the true essence of what the voters will have to choose from.

Three months of the ultimate “Reality TV Series”.

Don’t laugh all you laissez-faire Canucks – it will impact us too.

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Quite the day

July 6 – Quite the day. Ever since I’ve been riding the Golden Jet to the GO Train it has been nice to slide into the Tim Horton’s across from the station, grab a large double double to nourish me on my journey. So far the weather has been exceptional as I have not missed a day. This morning I took my leisurely cruise, pulled in to find my coffee waiting for me, as I am now a regular customer for the Staff. I then zipped over to the Station, and parked my bike just as an early train was pulling in. Figuring I had lots of time to catch it, I locked up. Packed up. Punched in and Headed for the track. Sliding through the doors just as they were about to close I had my pick of seats on a basically empty train. Settling in as the train pulled out of the Station, I felt like I was missing something, and realized that my Double-Double was resting comfortably in the cupholder back on my bike. Not a good way to start the day.

However, things were going to pick up as another one of the dreaded auctions was in play at the office. This was not a silent auction but rather a live, sort of, auction of the items on Facebook@atWwork. All proceeds were going to Jumpstart and since I like to support the kids and am a sucker for these things, I took a look through the items. There were a couple of interesting items there for me including a drill press, and a router table. On these and a number of other items it looked like one individual was trying to lowball a bunch of things and pick them up for next to nothing. Just to be an “S” Disturber, I put in a couple of bids to get things going. The auction had a stated cut off of 3:30 PM. At 3:29 PM, a number of bids started cropping up and without really watching the clock I put a final bid in on the drill press. The bid got time stamped 3:30 PM exactly, and incredibly three or four bids came in after that that must have just missed the deadline as they were all stamped 3:31 PM. By the rules of the game, I end up the big winner of a nice new drill press. Retail $220 pretax and I pick it up for $60.

Drill Press

Just goes to show what a thoughtful husband I am to be able to get Jane such a wonderful new drill press as a present for her birthday. She is going to be really excited. Especially since this is such a big birthday and a wonderful gift. Who could ask for more?

Who? When? Where? – Some folks seem to like yesterday’s picture and I will fess up to the “when” which was December 11, 1971 (tax reasons). The “where” with respect to those pictures was in the Milverton United Church. I am not going to identify everyone yet as I will leave that hanging for a while. I think I know them. Look for the today’s exciting entry in the Who? When? Where?!

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The Streak Continues

July 5 – another post today – which makes several days in a row. Don’t worry, I’m not likely to keep this up but had a couple of items today.

First of all, by popular demand, and in keeping with some of the current activity around the Moorehead household, the who, when, and where game returns. At least by my popular demand as I am not sure that sentiment is shared by my loyal followers. In the interests of fairness, I have decided to start off with an easy selection which serves a dual purpose. In support of the infamous “passport project” currently underway and in response to some of the comments that have appeared, one of today’s pictures features the named party signing the document in question. The handsome devil standing by her side wearing the ultra fashionable purple tie, apparently in need of a haircut, and sporting slapshot glasses or some might say Buddy Holly glasses is Yours truly. In this case the who when and where should be pretty easy so all respondents are asked to be very specific in their answers (if any).

Register Sign 800

There was also some commentary about the members of the supporting cast and so as an added bonus I have included a photo of the crew. Who can name them all?

Wedding Party 800

The miracles of modern technology are a great thing, as these pictures were simply scanned from the album, run through Photoshop, resized and posted. With the toning capability of Photoshop they actually came out pretty good. That’s bad news for a lot of people as I have several buckets of photo binders and loose pictures covering a lot of years, a lot of people, and a lot of events. Depending on how energetic I feel, as it takes some time to generate a good file, I could have some fun with these. Like everything else, I will take it under advisement. In the meantime, enjoy these two photos.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking  – I had not used my voice recognition software for a while, so I fired it up to try again tonight. I really am impressed with how accurate it seems to be even though I have not used it that much which has limited its ability to “learn” my voice and vocabulary. It sure beats my typing speed and apparently accuracy.

London – spent the day on the road visiting a number of my sites in the London Woodstock area. It is always nice to get out of the office for a day and I don’t do it often enough. Given that our sites are essentially spread throughout the city, it was interesting to tour around London and see how much development and changes have gone on over the last few years. Besides that, it was nice to get out on what was a great weather day and get some fresh air. Taking the 403 from Oakville to Woodstock to pick up the 401 had very little traffic in either the morning on her way out or coming home this afternoon. Have to believe it’s a better choice than hitting the 401 which always seems to be busy with traffic overall and trucks in particular.

Blue Jays – should’ve mentioned yesterday that this past weekend series with Cleveland was quite the book ends. Watching the game on Friday all 19 innings of it, with the Blue Jays only available to push across one run, was an entirely different kettle of fish than their fourth game where they battered Cleveland 17 to 1. You would wonder how a team could perform that differently on two different days.

In the interests of not taking too much time and not having to make up topics I am going to call it quits for the day and see if I can get this posted with the pictures I mentioned above. Looking forward to another short week as I continue with my summer series of taking every Friday off. That seems to be working quite well and the weather so far has cooperated.

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Back at it

July 4 – After “catching up” on the weekend I thought I had to at least post something today as after all:

It is a big day south of the border, and more importantly, it is Baby Brother Jeffrey’s birthday. Happy BD Little Brother! Can you pick him out in the archive shot below?


Passport Woes – for years, and years, and years, a number of folks have been trying to convince Jane to apply for a passport. She has never had one.

  • We finally succeeded in getting her the form, she filled it out, then lost it so we got her another and she filled it out.
  • She got the two witness who know her signatures.
  • I signed as the guarantor (no one else would), and
  • She got her picture taken (we actually found ones she had taken in 1986 and never used but figured they would not still be acceptable).
  • With Driver’s licence, and birth certificate she thought she was good to go.
  • We went to the Mississauga passport office the prior weekend and decided not to line-up for three hours (I won’t comment on the nature of the line-up as that would be politically incorrect!).

Slight problem – when she actually went to file for it at Service Canada, she was told she needed to have a copy of her marriage licence because that was the proof that Birth Certificate Janice Powell was now Driver’s Licence Jane Moorehead??

Well almost 45 years ago we stuck that piece of paper somewhere and have not looked at or for it since! Have no clue where it may be?

Now we can’t find it! Apparently you can get a replacement for $75 (talk about money grab.

A blast from the past – A long story short we spent part of this weekend on the great licence hunt (so far unsuccessful) but in the process revisited some great pictures from “the Past”. It is too bad that a lot of the “old” early days colour shots have faded to an almost sepia tone. Not sure what negatives I have from my 35 mm shots but they may be in better shape if we wanted to take a shot at some reprints?

If I can work up the energy, there are some really great (and likely embarrassing) “Who? When? Where? Candidates just waiting to appear on Facebook. Crank up the Scanner and good to go.

Had fun with this before, time for a remake by popular demand. On some of them, neither Jane nor I could come up with some of those answers so maybe others can help us out?

But, the licence is still AWOL!

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Let’s Try Again

July 3 – Well I caught up. My last real blog entry was on April 10th! Since then I have sort of convinced myself that I was on sabbatical. Trite excuse but we all have so much on the go that it is really tough to find time and energy on an ongoing basis to sit in front of a screen and be creative, witty and interesting. Even on my best days some folks may suggest I am “0” for “3”.

This blog has become somewhat of a history / family chronicle for me so I have decided I don’t want it to just “go away”.

What I did for “bridging” back to April was take content from my Facebook page and bring it over to the http://minorhockeyfan.com/Wayne_Blog.htm  “blog”. More picture – less words – maybe that is saying something.

July 3 FB 1

If anyone wants to check out the abbreviated content go to the archives on my site:




The July 1 weekend has been pretty quiet. Other than the “Powell” do mention below in the July 1 post, it has been a non-event weekend. Clean up the garage. Clean up the workshop, clean up the office. Clean up the blog. Are you getting the picture.

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Weekend Notes

Apr 10 – Saturday morning when the alarm went off I laid there thinking I really don’t want to get up for work today. Then I realized it was Saturday and all was well.

Bowling – on Saturday Becky was hosting a baby shower for her sister. That set up a “boys night out” for Ben, Shaun and Ben’s uncle George along with grandpa. It gave me a chance to play with my new point and shoot camera although the lighting and ambience at the bowling alley was not ideal. For those of you who have checked out my Facebook page I did end up posting a video of Ben, twice, as the original version was too big to stream well over most connections. Will have to remember to shoot at lower resolution to make it easier to post. However, a good time was had by all. To make sure Ben did not have to sit too long between frames, I use that as an excuse to be a spectator/photographer only and not bowl myself. I had thought we were going five pin bowling not realizing that tenpin was the order of the day. Ben did surprisingly well considering he was using a 6 pound ball as it would likely have been better if we could’ve found a lighter one for him. His delivery was kind of interesting.

Ben Bowl

25 and counting – contrary to my expectations, Detroit managed to make the playoffs again for their 25th consecutive appearance. This is the longest uninterrupted playoff qualification by any team in major professional sports. With a couple games left, I really thought they would miss because they had to play a couple of the teams they were challenging with and were actually out of the playoffs from a wildcard perspective. They managed to sneak in by finishing third in their division because they had a better head-to-head record with Boston. Effectively they “lost” their way into the playoffs as Boston beat them and then Boston lost to Ottawa which allowed them to hold onto third place in the division. If they had had to qualify for a wildcard, I think they would’ve been out of luck, as Philadelphia would’ve outranked them there. I really don’t expect him to go anywhere in the playoffs, although be nice if they did, but at least they kept their qualification record intact.

It was also nice to see the Leafs secure last-place as the most useless team in the league. I guess I wasn’t paying as much attention as I should, because even though they are finished last, the story is they only have a 20% chance of securing the first-round draft pick. What a joke on them if Edmonton grabs it off again. How many more chances does Edmonton get, to figure out what a hockey team looks like.

OHFs – we have finally hit the real final weekend of minor hockey for this season, or I should say last season. The OHFs wrap up this weekend with the Ontario championships. No local representation, which is not a surprise. What that also means, is guess what, tryouts for the 2016/2017 season start next week. Tryouts are always an interesting time as associations, coaches, parents and players attempt to come to an amicable resolution of who should be on what team. Often, it does not go well.

BLOMHA – when we got back from bowling on Saturday, we made a quick trip to Mainway arena to watch one of their house league championship games – at the minor bantam level. Kudos to the Burlington Lions Optimists minor hockey Association for running a good show. They gave the house league teams a nice experience in their championship game which is always good to see.

Montréal – the blog will likely be going dark until at least Thursday next week as I am off to Montréal tomorrow morning to an annual conference typically rotates between Toronto, Montréal, and Ottawa and this year the spin stopped on Montréal. Having lived there for a couple of years, I really enjoy Montréal as a nice city to visit, although I would have no interest in moving back. The good news with the conference is that I have dinners booked for Monday and Tuesday evening at some very nice high-end restaurants and Montréal does a great job on fine dining.

Chunnel – I booked my Montréal flights to fly out of the island airport, first of all because it is more convenient for me. I can simply take the go train downtown and take supporters shuttle to the airport. Also, this gives me a chance to check out the new Toronto Chunnel which while scale wise is nowhere close to the English Channel version will be interesting to see in terms of how much better access it provides to the airport. The ferry was always fine but the tunnel will be a nice option – hopefully.

Sports weekend – several choices today in terms of sports to watch. Canada is in world curling championship final which I hope they win, but I don’t think they’ve been curling that well, and I am not a big Kevin fan.

Second, the rites of spring are in full force as the Masters is underway in Augusta Georgia. With all the hype about the twentysomething year old’s it is great to see Bernard Langer, a young 58-year-old within striking distance. As an old geezer, I will be cheering for him today as they enter the final round. Would be really great to see him win what would be his third Masters title.

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