Friday spells vacation.

Aug 21 – Friday spells vacation.

Theoretically I am now off until Labour Day and September. I say theoretically since right or wrong, I always try to stay somewhat connected even while on vacation as I find it easier, more “settling” to stay on top of a couple of key projects and what’s going on at a high level than walking back into a hurricane pile-up on return. In my business, you almost have to do that since there is literally no telling what could go sideways without a moment’s notice.

If we end up doing the Western coast of Newfoundland route, that may be somewhat problematic as Rogers cell coverage is somewhat sketchy there and not sure where we will have decent wireless access. Guess we will find out.

Busy Week – after a “normal” day Monday, I was up at 5 to catch an early flight to Quebec City, spent the day there and grabbed a flight to Montreal. Did the hotel pop in snooze – check out and spent the day in Montreal before grabbing a flight home.

While the PQ time was a blur, I did find the time Tuesday night to sneak down to Gibby’s for a steak. One of my favourite Old Montreal restaurants and as usual I was not disappointed.

Cloudburst – Then Thursday, it was up before the crack of dawn to get off to King’s Riding Golf Club up in King City. Beautiful course but we unfortunately only completed 9 holes before the skies opened and tried to drown us. Umbrellas, carts, trees, ponchos – nothing was enough to offer protection from the monsoon and I was soaked head to toe. The good news was in anticipation of this possibility I had a change of clothes stashed back in the clubhouse and that definitely came in handy.

7th Green

While the suggestion after the major deluge was that we could head back out if we wanted to , the consensus decision for most foursomes was to call it a day and have a wee nip before lunch. Essentially, the greens would have been almost unplayable, the fairways a bog, the traps undr water and carts on the paths only. Not the best setup for other than the hardiest die-hard.

This was our annual fund raiser for our Jumpastart charity and I must compliment all of our vendor partners who came out in support us so well. While it was disappointing to not get the full round in, everyone was very accommodating and it was a good day.

My first swing of the day was an outstanding drive right down the centre. Unfortunately, my game was downhill from there. I do believe I captured the most vicious attack drive award as I launched a bullet drive down and off of the left side of the 7th fairway and nailed a tree truck dead centre with a crack that was likely audible around the course. We did not even slow for a glance to see where that ricochet went as it was definitely not a member’s bounce. At last count I think it took out a family of squirrels and three woodpeckers.

The Trip – looms. The plan is for four of us to climb into a Ford F-150 and with a departure date of this Sunday drive and camp our way to Newfoundland and back with a stop to touch base with an old High School friend in PEI.

Nothing is planned, nothing is booked and that approach could lead to some very interesting times. Like the ferry crossing that everyone says you should book – but we haven’t? Who knows?

What this means is that between now and September 8th or later, I have no clue when or how often “content” will appear. There likely will be limited “blog” postings simply due to time and accessibility. Any that are posted will be posted only via WordPress and via that avenue into Facebook. There is little to no chance I will be posting to my main web site as that is still maintained with FrontPage which makes travel updates extremely problematic.

I will likely do a number of status / picture updates directly on Facebook and I also have twitter and Instagram options available.

So – we’ll see!

WordPress site:


Twitter: @minorhockey

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Don’t look for much this week

Aug 17 – don’t look for much this week and who knows for the next three.

Quebec – Off for a bit of a quick hit trip to Quebec City tomorrow and Montreal Wednesday with a late flight back Wednesday so I can get “ready” for my golf day Thursday. Ergo, no PQ sight seeing, no leisurely French cuisine dinners, it’s more of one of those grab and go deals. Either tonight or on Wednesday when I get back from Montreal I will have to dig out my golf gear, presuming I can find it as there was not a good time this past weekend.

Then it is one day (hopefully) back in the office before I poof for two weeks of vacation. Somehow with this schedule I am sure I will need the break except that the vacation is the drive to The Roc and back with stops in at least P.E.I., and Nova Scotia as well. Not sure on the NB plan but we will be going through it as least.

Do not think that the brain trust has put much planning into the “big trip” yet as other than my “tent check” and picking up two new air mattresses this past weekend (50% off for $22.50 each) I have not seen a lot of visual planning or prep. When are we leaving, where are we going, where and when are we planning to stop, is anyone booking the ferry? – and so on, and so on, and so on! I have so far taken the “I’m just along for the ride” approach on this one.

Past Weekend – Friday night, post Oliver’s arrival Thursday, Grandpa and Grandma ended up with two houseguests. Ben and Lily moved in for the weekend, including their first ever “sleep-overs” which had a number of folks slightly concerned about how that would go over. Piece of cake from that perspective if you don’t count “delaying tactics” on the go to bed and up with the crack of dawn (or before). Really messed up my snooze-in plans but what the heck.

Three trips to the waterpark, heavy Wii use, connect 4, books, colouring, BBQ’d dinners, a jaunt to Micky D’s, Dairy Queen and a seemingly endless demand for and supply of home-made and store bought popsicles got us through the weekend.


Dropped the kids off with Shaun and Becky at the Hospital Sunday night to see their new baby brother and then Jane and I went home and CRASHED! But – it was a fun weekend.

Jays – Almost played turn about is fair play by losing the first two games of their weekend series with the Yanks but then salvaging the third. The woulda, coulda, shoulda crowd will bemoan losing Price’s game after leading 3 – 1 late but that’s baseball. While the Jays did give first place in the division back to the Bronx Bombers, they took 4 of the 6 games to give them a net 2 gain in the standings. That does not consider the other gains in their “streak” which put them in contention so that their role now is to regain / keep the momentum and try to get that first place spot and a play-off series guarantee – not think about a Wild Card spot with a one game do or die format.

As things shake out, starters, bats and gloves may be fine but it looks like it will come down to the work of the bullpen to determine any post season fate. Some question marks there but I hope they make it.

Meanwhile – on the 16th in all the excitement, we passed on Becky and Shaun’s 7th wedding anniversary. Which coincidentally was the same day as we took delivery of what was then our new car – therefore it is now 7 years old with us as well. It was also my sister-in-law and her husband’s wedding anniversary the same day, a classic trifecta!

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Big news off the top!

Aug 14 – Big news off the top!
Oliver Philip – Jane and I are proud to announce the addition of our third Grandchild to the family clan. Welcome to Shaun and Becky’s newest addition, Oliver Philip Moorehead, born August 13 @ 10:58pm, 10lbs 12oz, 21.75″ long. A brother for Ben and Lily and a handful for Mom and Dad. Stay tuned for more.

Oliver Philip Moorehead

On a different note – What were they thinking? Apparently, the zoo people have just finished removing “More than 150 crocodiles and alligators rescued from Toronto home” as per the Globe & Mail.

These “pets” were 1.2 to 3.3 metres long and ended up being surrendered voluntarily? Ya Think! Who in their right mind keeps a 12 foot croc as a pet, let alone 150 of them?
They are not identifying the actual location, probably to avoid wholesale revolt, but this is lunacy. The whole idea of what and how many of whatever that some people feel they need to keep as pets is just nuts.

On a separate, less extreme note, The Star reported on a family trying to get approval to keep their miniature goats as pets .Sorry, I just don’t get it. Cats and dogs – OK. The “exotic” – don’t get it.

Oakville Whitecaps – Congratulations and a High 5 to the Oakville Whitecaps Jr. Little League team that won the Canadian Championships yesterday out in Lethbridge Alberta. They mercied Glace Bay 15 – 3 after 5 innings in the Championship game to cap off a great week.

After losing their first game 2 – 1 against BC in the bottom of the 7th, they ran the table for the rest of the games, round robin and play-offs to grab the Gold. Counting all games they ran a 7 – 1 streak with the loss in game 1. Every other game they won with a convincing margin.

Well done Nick and team.

The “Breakfast of Champions” – either just got much better or pulled an incredible boner.

“Wheaties says it is partnering with a craft brewery to create a limited-edition beer. The 16-ounce cans will only be available in the Minneapolis-St. Paul market starting Aug. 26, according to Wheaties parent company General Mills”.

“We’re not saying it’s a breakfast beer, but we’re not saying it’s not,” said Ryan Petz, president of Fulton Brewery, the Minneapolis-based brewery that is making the beer
So all you “Moms and Dads” who promoted Wheaties to your kids and cited the sports pros who endorsed it and were pictured on it can now also claim Wheaties was so good they had to make it as a beer!

Not sure how this one plays but off the top I think it is a dumb idea. What adult want to drink a kid’s cereal beer and what parent wants to promote a beer related cereal with their kids? But then again, what do I know.

Monday Madness – Need to psyche myself up for Monday as it will be day one of routing through Union Station with the “old” GO Concourse closed. I have a nice easy route scouted out for my trip in. The challenge will be homeward bound where I don’t think my normal track assignment is accessible via my preferred route. That may take some serious wandering to get where I want to go.

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Whitecaps Rule!

Aug 12 – Since I have commented on it for several days I may as well lead with Little League.

Whitecaps – Handily defeated the Saskatchewan All stars on Tuesday (17 – 0) to secure first place in the round robin with a 5 – 1 record. This means that 1 plays 4 in the semis so that the Whitecaps square off against the host Lethbridge Giants in an afternoon game today at 1:30 Mountain time. Oakville beat the Giants 16 – 6 in Monday’s round robin game but that means nothing in a one game do or die scenario.

Interesting in that the only team to beat Oakville, the BC Whalley Jr All Stars, did not make the final four for the play-offs. They finished fifth at 3 – 3.

Follow-up – Checked tonight and the Whitecaps took down the Giants again with a 10 – 2 score. If this was the semi, then they are off to the Championship game, apparently against the Glace Bay Logistec Jr. Miners. In the round robin, Oakville beat the Miners 13 – 1 on Sunday. Good luck to the locals.

Parapan Am – Not sure why but the medal board looks different in the Parapan games versus the Pan games. While it was a foregone conclusion that the US would finish first in the Pan Am and Canada was a clear second, that is not the case for the Parapan version.
As of this afternoon, Canada was in the accustomed second place role but the US was in third chasing us. Brazil on the other hand is taking the US role by dominating first place – 52 medals ahead of Canada.


Begs the question, does Brazil have a super Para Plan and does the US not care or give the program token support?

Blue Jays – go for 10 in a row tonight which is pretty impressive. More power to them and I hope they keep rolling. However, it is a fact that at some point THEY ARE GOING TO Lose so don’t freak out. It will be interesting to see how folks react. R.A. Dickey is floating in knuckleballs tonight and has been on a number of negative lists – even though he has been pitching very well lately. Will folks give him a Get out of Jail Free card if he gets hammered tonight or will the Boo Birds be all over him. I think Hendricks dodged that bullet last night as all the pundits were already planning on how to skip him in the rotation for key games going forward – despite his current record and stats.

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Lunch Break Musings

Aug 11 – AM going the way of the Dodo. An icon of my childhood is dropping by the way of progress. The local Stratford AM radio station is going away after 87 odd years.

CJCS – 11240, on the AM dial, launched in 1928 as an amateur station was a staple in Stratford life during my “formative” years. Clearly it was exceptional. Among its claims to fame:

  • CJCS gave Lloyd Robertson his broadcasting start, many years ago.
  • The call letters – CJCS, just happened to be the initials of a young lady we knew growing up – she was not impressed – we were – partially because she had four names.1240 CJCS
  • The “Farm Report” was a must listen, and
  • I still remember an “In Memorium” broadcast where someone had got everyone in the station on a laughing jag so bad that the on-air crew had to keep clicking on and off as they tried to not break into hysterics during “Aunt Polly’s” (fictitious name) obit. Lots of dead air (no pun intended) and sort of strangled voices when they were “live”. I heard that the station owners really got and did some reaming over that one.

Apparently good old 1240 is being replaced by a second FM entry at 107.1 (conflict with Q107?) that is going to promote rock music to males 25 and older.

Little League – The Junior Whitecaps took care of business yesterday knocking off the host Lethbridge Giants 16 – 6 despite the intimidating name. That improved the Oakville squad’s record to 4 – 1 and was enough to move them into first place, ahead of the aforementioned giants with their now 4 – 2 record. Not sure how the seeding or tie breaks work (since they are not posted), but with 3 other teams sitting at 3 – 2 including BC who was responsible for Oakville’s only loss, a win in their final round robin game would ensure first and it would seem only BC has a chance to knock them out if Oakville loses and BC wins?
Oakville takes on the Saskatchewan All Stars at 3:30 PM today in their final round robin scheduled game. And I would guess that play-offs (in whatever format (again not posted) start Wednesday.

August – back in the day when your truly was VP House League, August was the month from . . . . . Trying to finalize registrations, clear waiting lists, find volunteers, schedule ice blocks and division structures, deal with uniforms, chase sponsorships, and so on, all during the period when everyone else seemed more concerned about enjoying summer weather, going on vacations and getting ready for back to school and their own personal family hockey plans.
There is no doubt I worked more hours on hockey than I did on my day job which meant every night and weekends you could find me in the hockey office. I don’t begrudge the time, I enjoyed a lot of it, felt it was a major community contribution but I wonder how I did it. I had no life outside of work and hockey and there is no way I could do it again. All for the often dubious pleasure of getting berated by some parent who did not get their way, could not understand why not and had no clue about all the background work going on to get their child on the ice.
No wonder it takes three VPs now and several staff people to do the same job! It clearly is a different world.

Sport Oakville – board meeting tonight so this is being scribed on my lunch break. Part of my cut down on the lunches and get in shape plan. Just about ready to step back on the scale and see if I have made any progress. I better have.

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Feet Dragging

Aug 10 – Back to work (dragging my feet) for Monday. The other day on Facebook I posted an iPod time lapse video of the journey from the Subway to my GO Train through the old concourse that closes on August 16th (next Sunday). It was worth a giggle so this morning I did the reverse (much better cinematography) and clocked the root from my GO train arrival area, way out in the boonies on track #27 through the “NEW” concourse and through to my friendly subway train. Have posted it on Facebook again as well, since putting it on my main site requires a detour through YouTube, Have not tried video on my WordPress postings and I am busy rejigging my WIX photo site.
WIX – Waynesworld as noted above, I think I have too much e-Media on the go. Three Web sites is a bit out of control. I had grabbed one of the free WIX sites when we were running off to more Slo-Pitch and Floor Hockey games with Andrew and Shaun so that I had a place to throw up the pics for them and any of their team-mates to see. Not having done any or much of that lately, I decided over the weekend to convert WIX from the sports motif to a repository for “family” pics.


The Mooreheads (nuclear), the Mooreheads (extended), the Powells and whoever else I decided to favour. Once I started I realised how much work it was going to be to do the complete “redo”. When you have literally thousands of pictures, it is tough to figure out which ones you want to post. It takes time to even scan through them, let alone pick and place the ones you want. However, I will just try to find some time to plug away and people can follow my progress or lack of it on the site.
Baseball – was a good weekend for the locals. The Blue Jays have caught fire with the brooms out for two consecutive series. With all the chatter going on, I am not sure when, if ever, was the last time they have ever done that. Have to admit their pick-up of Mr. Price from my tigers has helped as he has two solid wins in those last seven games. Working hard to secure at least a Wildcard spot and playing with confidence but don’t book that World Series parade route yet.
On the local, local front, the Junior Little League Whitecaps have been doing well in Lethbridge in the Canadian Championship. After their initial tough 2-1 loss to BC, they have reeled off 3 consecutive wins – good enough for a tie for second place as they come down to the crunch. They play Saskatchewan today to hopefully add another to the win column .The sites are less than comprehensive in explaining the “play-off” format so I have no idea what it will take to come out on top – but – I wish them luck.
Finally – Several years ago we replaced some of our upstairs windows (since then we have redone the rest). However as part of the first go-around, we did not have the inside framing redone at the time as we just figured we would simply do it ourselves later. Fast forward “several” years and we sort of had not got around to it (they were covered by the curtains – right). Anyway, the Boss was getting pretty hostile about it so Andrew and I capped one off yesterday. Just two more to go. It is not that tough a job, just finicky and a bit time consuming to make sure you get it right. Remember the old “saw” – measure twice – cut once.

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The countdown is on

Aug 7 – The countdown is on. The arrival of GK #3 is imminent and Jane and I are on call to supervise GK #1 and GK #2. I will leave all the “news” to Shaun and Becky but that may be my excuse for missing a few Blog days.

Friday Potpourri – Maybe I should make Friday a Potpourri day for odds and sods.

Get a life – Saw in today’s Star that the battle is on in a Pickering neighbourhood as a Grinch has made a noise complaint to the bylaw officer. Seems some kids are being too noisy having fun in their backyard pool. Hope Mr. Bylaw says “get a life”! There are reasonable limits but you have to let kids be kids and have some fun.

Blue Jays – sweep Minnesota. Picking up some breathing room for their hold on the #2 wildcard spot but still a long way to go. Now the blue birds have their sights set on the #1 wildcard spot. BTW – someone asked me and now I need to figure out what the logo on the Twins caps represents?

Parapan Am –Games start today. That’s the good news. The bad news is the big well oiled machine that promoted the Pan Am version appears to have returned to the garage and some two bit two stroke is now in charge. From what I have seen so far, the Parapan Am games are almost invisible. That’s unfortunate.

Politics – Debates north and south of the 49th are underway. Did not watch either the Canadian “leaders” debate or the Republicans – “Trump” show – which was apparently the most entertaining of the two .People complain about the length of the campaigns leading up to our election (just over 2 months) .Look south – those boys basically go at it in Presidential elections for well over a year with the party candidate selections, the primaries and finally the big day!

Fore! – Five, six, ten. My annual foray to the links is approaching. August 20 we host our annual Jumpstart fund raising tournament and this year things have been split up so the we are hosting our own event. It is being held at King’s Riding, a Clublink’s course up by King City.

Kings Riding

The blue part is danger but it somehow has a fatal attraction for me. The “beaches” – that’s a whole ‘nother story.

Time to embarrass myself again with my vendors but at least it is “best ball” which is generally not mine! Now where are those clubs, balls and shoes?

Junior Little League – The Oakville squad has a chance to get into the winning column today after yesterday’s tough loss to BC. They play the Patriotes de Rouyn-Noranda today at 3:30 PM “Lethbrige” time so results may be in by the time I get to post this. The Quebec squad lost their first game as well – but it was not in doubt with a 16 – 2 score. Hopefully that bodes well for the Whitecaps. Good luck guys.

2020 – Not vision but the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. In the news today as a number of sports are lobbying to be included. Currently not in but trying to be are – Baseball and softball (making a combined bid), squash, surfing, bowling, roller sports, sport climbing, and wushu.

Have to say I could make a bit of a case for some of these. None are really Olympic sports but who knows what that means anymore. Ones that make no sense to me at all are surfing and sport climbing? Bowling and roller sports are suspect and just what in the heck is wushu?

I looked it up. Wushu – (sport), a modern exhibition and full-contact sport based on traditional Chinese martial arts, created in the People’s Republic of China. Just what is needed – another martial arts event with a nation specific origin – no wonder the Chinese win!

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