Made it to December

Dec 6 – made it to December – with Big Red that is. I have been a bit spotty in my rides based on meeting and travel commitments, but have braved the elements several times and there was only the one day when it was “significantly crispy” – I think it was last Thursday?. Fortunately I have my Big Red Coat, accidental nomenclature since it is a big warm coat and it is Canadian Tire Red. So, for want of a better appellation, we have Big Red on Big Red!

With coat, gloves and a light toque protecting the melon under my helmet, the trip is not bad. I am going to have to find the “Masked Bandit” store to get a light facemask since the only part of me that got frosty on the super cold day was the exposed part of my face. Not sure how long I will hang in there anyway but as long as the roads are bare and dry, a 4 klick ride to Clarkson or back is no big deal. The biggest issue appears to be cold weather battery life as I end up charging every second day to be on the safe side as driving with full lights and in the cold does seem to have a significant hit on the overall battery charge.

Gone – I have archived my November blog page and probably should have labelled it as my most futile posting month ever – because it was! It was pretty sad but I will try to do better for December. Things are already running at breakneck December / Xmas speed. Outdoor lights (including the runway which is great for piloting Big Red into the garage – I just contact the tower for clearance).

We bought an artificial tree as a move away from the traditional real one for the kids (both gone – no more crooked trees, spilled water and droopy needles). This new artificial specimen has something like 1,300 blinding lights pre-installed saving me another painful process. The decorations are mostly up which is a task for us that almost requires an MS Project Gantt chart. Of course Jane had to buy more (not sure where she is going to put the singing, ear flapping weiner dog and flashy musical Rudolph) with all of the other stuff around but apparently she is solving some of the space constraints by farming out assorted critters (to Andrew and Jackie so far). The newly designed “Town” is up, complete with last year’s centre piece carousal purchase and the recent electric train scammed at Value Village in Orillia (Thanks Darlene). Putting that friggin thing up is now essentially a full day’s work. Add to that the new tablecloth, table centre piece and assorted parts to fill it plus don’t let me forget the new “nutcracker” guy someone just had to have to go with the rest of the army.

Hopefully the shopping list is complete until we realize we will need more bins to store this stuff when we take it all down.

The garlands are mostly in place and I just need to bring Santa up from his basement lair and put him together and I think we’re done.

Move over Griswalds – I think the Mooreheads have taken you down!

Lethargy – When I compare notes with my fellow Oakville blogger, I don’t feel quite so bad about my dismal November performance as it appears that he too is in hit and miss mode. This blogging stuff ain’t easy guys, especially when you are busy trying to juggle a bunch of other balls – try it yourself if you don’t believe me. However, it is fun to periodically scan back at some prior content just to see what you wrote. Sometimes good for a smile, sometimes not so much, but it is “a history”. Shades not of Gray but of an electronic journal mostly rated PG.

It Worked – I have managed to stockpile a number of shows for TV viewing over what I hope ate the holidays. Besides being rather busy for the last month or two (more so than usual – which has limited my viewing hours), I have done a JAG rewatch – all 10 seasons of it, 200 plus episodes and used the time to stockpile current episodes of series that apparently only I watch in our household. I now have a nice backlog of:

  • The Walking Dead
  • Sons of Anarchy
  • Reign
  • Downton Abbey (questionable)
  • Back in the game (likely a write-off) and
  • Breaking Bad (all five seasons for a show where I nixed the plot line originally and have never watched)

Given that with PVRs and downloads I hate watching single episodes per week on someone else’s schedule, I am now in control. The trick will be to pace myself so I don’t get caught up in the moment and burn through a whole season at once. With my WDLiveTV box and new dual band wireless router, I can now live stream from my office PC to the family room big screen. I just need to kick Jane out to watch – easier said than done.

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